Thursday, February 15, 2007

What about Over Here?

So – how many of us remember the old westerns where the cavalry is in an outpost protecting the settlers. All seems relatively safe; the troopers relax and socialize with the community, with a relaxed sentry posted on the walls. Then along comes a scout or an old west neocon saying the Indians are massing for an attack. The green commander then orders his troops, virtually all but the impaired and incapable, out to the field to combat this supposed threat. And of course, while they are gone, guess who attacks the fort! This same scenario plays out in different venues portrayed in many movies as well as in real life – think the French Foreign Legion as just one example. The question here is, who is minding the store? Who is here protecting the home front?

This question arises in response to the obvious evidence that our nation, our home soil, the “over here” W talks about is left largely unprotected from terrorists, national disasters, et al because most of the National Guard (National Guard – guard the nation!) has been deployed to Iraq along with their equipment. Last year with Hurricane Katrina we saw a shortage of personnel to go to New Orleans among other affected areas, and an even more severe shortage of equipment to use for rescue work.

At least once a week a mainstream media source exposes chemical plants, nuclear facilities, and trains, among so many other potential targets that have been left vulnerable – lacking procedures for security – and where is the National Guard? They departed, without even the fanfare accorded Custer’s cavalry, for “over there” while the folks “over there” are working hard to come create mischief “over here”.

There was a story this morning reported by several world media outlets that an Al Qaida group in Saudi Arabia is calling for attacks on oil resources world-wide, including Mexico, Venezuela, and Canada, to stop or severely curtail the flow of oil to the United States. Sadly, if they did that, not only would it be horrible for any who were harmed during those attacks, but who do you think would lose out on the oil? I bet the oil remaining would be sent to Iraq while those struggling to heat their homes this winter would be forced to pay exorbitant rates, if they could even find product to purchase. Meanwhile I am sure Exxon Mobile will continue to post record profits.

And spring is coming. The Shrub (thank you Molly) spoke today saying the Spring thaw in Afghanistan is expected to bring a large surge of Taliban fighters trying to re-establish their position in that country. But alas, like Custer, W has split his forces and hasn’t got enough in either place to do the job. It is interesting to note that Custer thought before his final battle at Little Big Horn that the Native American force, even though they had superior numbers and were on their home turf, would run away from the U.S. Cavalry. I wonder if he also thought they would greet him with flowers and gratitude.


marybishop said...

Are you tired yet of me saying I agree totally? I do I do. The idea that we fight "them" over there so they won't come here is asinine.

And, with no draft, the pickins are slim so to speak.

EvilChime said...

Heck Mary, I never get tired of you agreeing with me!!! Your comment reminded me of Dr. Strangelove with Slim Pickens riding the bomb down to the ground. Yes the idea of there vs here is outrageously narrow minded, and it begs the question of who is "here" to help in case he's wrong...I shudder each time I hear about something else Shrub has intoned about HIS view - and of course the fact that only his view matters, not anyone else's even those who should have at least a hearing.