Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Trust us - the wolf is at the door

I guess I am dating myself when I say that I remember a time in the not too distant past when you could believe it if the government said it. It was like – well … money in the bank. Back in the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, I was a kid and remember well hearing JFK on TV telling us the situation, and how he was sending war ships to Cuba to blockade the ports literally daring the Russian Bear to challenge our position. He said that he had every confidence that things would work out fine – and we believed it! Sure we were a little scared but we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this man, our president, wouldn’t lie to us and if he had confidence it would be all right, then we should too. Here was an example of a leader who could lead in a positive way and bring along we the people to understand and believe that he was doing his best and all would be fine.

As an adult I know that politicians don’t always tell the truth, and blind faith can be a problem under any circumstance, but when your government has never openly given you reason to disbelieve their good intentions, has never overtly lied and dared you to tell them they haven’t been honest, has done things in a way that makes you proud to be a member of we the people, you believe them and are glad to know they are there as your representative and leader.

We are currently being ‘led’ by the wolf is at the door administration. A group that flies in the face of all the positive we have come to expect, all the comfort and sense of fair play we believed was part and parcel of our country. They have taken all that shepherded us through the dark times and turned it into worry and often despair.

FDR said there is nothing to fear but fear itself… BushCo says, be afraid -- be VERY afraid. Fear is their battle cry, their MO, their means to control the sheep they should be shepherding instead of leading to slaughter. We have seen color coded fear; we have heard veiled threats of what might be happening to cause fear; we have heard that we are unpatriotic if we question this fear; and on and on and on. Yet each time it appears that the ones of whom we should be afraid are the very ones who should be protecting us from that which we fear.

How well I remember the hype that led us into the debacle that is Iraq – the mushroom cloud image, the WMD of every possible variety from poison gas to nuclear warheads; the imminent threat posed to our homeland, our homes, us! We are now seeing from sources and studies, so numerous they appear to be falling out of the sky, about the inaccuracy of the touted threats, the cooked intelligence, the skewed logic, the arrogant certitude, that led us into a war of choice – the deaths of over 3100 of our brave fighting forces, uncounted thousands of Iraqis, many thousands moreAmericans and Iraqi civilians wounded with life altering physical injuries, a full blown civil war that deteriorates minute by minute to the tune of billions of dollars and blood.

And now the wolf at the door has a new name – Iran. Do you recognize the hype and the accusations? Iran’s government is giving weapons to Iraqi insurgents… but wait the insurgents are Sunni and Iranians are Shi’a. Iran’s government has said show us the proof you have that we are giving weapons to Iraqis because it is against our foreign policy. But no, the administration won’t show them the proof. Could it be because they don’t have it? Or is it the schoolyard logic of being unwilling to talk to evil doers.

Another Roosevelt, a Republican, said “Speak softly and carry a big stick” . . . the stick (our military might) is getting smaller and smaller while the voice is strident and loud – saying nothing and endangering everyone.


marybishop said...

Surprise! I agree with your every word. Finally some bigwig general came out today and said I paraphrase, calm down..parts of weapons were made in Iran...just like you would find parts of US weapons in places you wouldn't like to know.

As for terrorism in general, Osama has won! Terrorism means making people terrified and between Osama and George W our nation is now terrified of our own shadow.

Taking a plane somewhere has gone from a pleasant experience to one where you must take off your shoes for ex. ( we had one shoe bomber ) so from now on...everyone has to take off their shoes.

My husband wanders what would happen if a woman is ever caught carrying a bomb in her bra...well it would make travel more fun for him again I guess.

EvilChime said...

Ah Mary.... how very true. Many have suggested that we fly naked from now on to prevent just such issues {hehehe}
I have to wonder how much Iranian weaponry is there from Iran Contra - Could it be the man who they are now proposing to put on the $50 bill is responsible at least in part for the technology and raw materials? I am glad this general bellied up to the bar... I figure he'll be "retiring" real soon like all the others who told it like it is.
Interesting sidebar I heard this morning - Hitler would replace generals who disagreed with him and found ones who painted a rosy picture to take their place.

Mary said...

Hitler also would can or kill scientists who ever said a word that Hitler didn't like or believe.

Bush has a filter on all scientific info put out by anyone receiving federal monies I've been told.

EvilChime said...

Ayup Mary ... not only that, but our fearless leader has installed political appointees to preside over all agencies who have to approve everything the agency does! These appointees do not have to be vetted or confirmed to hold their positions. Nor, apparently, does their existence have to be revealed or made public. That this came out a couple of weeks ago was a major "leak" and seems to have been buried along with the weapons of mass distraction.
And how much did you love the story that scientists were being offerred an "incentive" to prove that global warming is a myth...